Here at Linbuilt Pty Ltd, we’re committed to creating a safer work environment, for our employees, our clients, sub-contractors and visitors. The Linbuilt team regularly finds themselves working in hazardous environments. Mould, dust, asbestos, soot, toxic fumes, humidity can affect a worker’s health. Not to mention the dangers of working at heights or with heavy equipment. Of course, we also want to ensure we’re working within the law. Compliance with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation is our top priority.


Dedicated and Effective leadership

With a hands-on approach, our management team hold themselves and others to account to ensure safety on our worksites. They do this through regular meetings, site visits and consultation with supervisors.


An Effective Safety Management System

Staff inductions at both a corporate and project level are compulsory within Linbuilt Pty Ltd. This ensures all staff and workers comply with our WHS policies and procedures.


A Confident Safety Culture

A very powerful software tool that allows us to stay in touch with industry trends as well as leading the way in both Communication & Customer Satisfaction levels.


Achievable, Measurable Performance Targets

We conduct ongoing analysis of our safety performance on site. We use corporate or project KPIs to measure safety. These KPIs help us identify trends in health and safety.


Governance That Works

We support a sound safety compliance reporting system. This system identifies major safety risk areas within all activities. The data gives a snapshot of lead and lag safety metrics.
Lead = the proactive measures that organisations undertake to assist in improving their safety outcomes
Lag = events that have already occurred that cause harm to the people that work in an organisation. This helps us check our safety performance, proactively manage risks and support continuous improvement through the sharing of lessons learned. We use emailed safety alerts and meetings to share our experiences.
We conduct audits on all sites to assess how well we’re meeting these targets. How often we conduct these internal audits depends on the site and the clients’ requirements. We also audit sub-contractors to ensure that their work complies with WHS legislation and our own standards.


Training and Competency

Our team is armed with the relevant skills and knowledge to improve operations and maintain a healthy and safe environment. An annual Training Needs Analysis helps us identify any skill deficiencies. Using this analysis, we ensure worker training is kept up-to-date. We encourage and support our staff to broaden their knowledge beyond in-house training with external training courses, such as first aid, working at heights, and working on elevated work platforms.


Consequence Management

Everybody at Linbuilt Pty Ltd has health and safety responsibilities specified in their job description. Everyone is accountable for a safe workplace.


Pre-Employment Checks

Before we take on a sub-contractor, we thoroughly check their qualifications and licensing. This ensures they not only comply to our safety standards, but also with all relevant legislation, regulations and statutory obligations.