Linbuilt delivers building make safes, rectification and reinstatement – including restoration and cleaning services of an exceptional standard. Properties that have been damaged by fire, storm or water require specialist care to reinstate them to their former standard. Linbuilt deals exclusively with reinstating, restoring and cleaning buildings that have been damaged in this way, and so we have the skills and depth of knowledge to manage the process efficiently and capably. With expert project managers, and a team of highly skilled supervisors, foremen, tradesmen, administrative staff plus the services of a talented panel of specialists and subcontractors, we have the breadth of experience to fulfil every requirement of the project – reliably and on time.

By dealing with Linbuilt, you enjoy the convenience of having all services managed by one supplier. Planning and co-ordination of all aspects of the project is simplified, with the effect that costs and timelines are reduced substantially.At the core of our company is our dedication to excellence. Everything we do centres on delivering high quality construction and craftsmanship, and achieving an outstanding result for our clients.

Valuing Our Profession Standards

We continually strive to deliver the highest quality of work possible. We do this by:

  • Offering a full range of building reinstatement services as well as restoration and cleaning solutions as well as building reinstatement services – so we can manage and co-ordinate the entire project with maximum efficiency and in minimum time
  • Being fast to respond, and offering an efficient and reliable service, 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • Our staff are friendly, reliable and professionally attired at all times
  • We keep up to date by regularly undertaking training courses to continuously improve our skills
  • All of our staff are fully trained in Occupational Health and Safety requirements
  • We develop safe work method statements for all facets of our work
  • Our equipment is regularly tested in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety
  • We invest in the latest equipment and technology to deliver outstanding, restoration and cleaning solutions

Valuing Our Clients

We value our relationship with our clients and work hard at making sure we liaise closely to ensure that they are satisfied with our services. We do this by:

  • Contacting the insured within 20 minutes of receiving the claim
  • Arriving on site within 2 hours (unless the insured specifies another time)
  • Providing reports, scope of works, quotations, budget estimates, fixed price, competitive pricing and photographs within 24 hours of attending the site
  • Providing a weekly job update to the insured and the insurance company throughout the claim
  • Following up at the conclusion of the claim to ensure that all works have been completed to the insured and insurer’s satisfaction.